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Axelent collaborates with several market leaders within the sector, including Siemens, Euchner, GuardMaster, Jokab and Telemecanique. This gives us a wide range to offer our customers for the safest and most optimum solution possible. The picture shows Siemen’s B-614 emergency stop.

Fittings for switch and key - hinge door
Article number:
T10-01 (right/left)
T10-11 (non-contact switch, diam.18mm)
T10-12 (right/left, Euchner)
T10-13 (universal, non-contact)

Fittings for switch and key - sliding door
Article number:
T10-02 (right/left)
T10-20 (on rail, right/left)
T10-21 (non-contact switch, diam.18mm, sliding door)

Fittings for switch and key - hinge door and sliding door
T10-30 Fittings, Euchner MGB hingedoor/slidingdoor, right/left
T10-32 Fittings, Schmersal AZM200 hingedoor/slidingdoor, right/left

Document Modified
  Switch fittings 2011-05-12
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