Axelent focuses on stainless steel & hygienic design


The food industry is an increasing industry worldwide, producing products within: dairy, meat, bread and confectionery, fish and beverages.

Different industries, different requirements but one thing in common – cleanliness is very important!

Because of that one thing to keep in mind when we deliver products to this kind of industry is hygienic safety to avoid contaminations which can lead to sickness of the end consumer of the food. Right now there are no strict requirements on this kind of industries but it will come more and more since there have been some diseases outbreaks which has resulted in illness and also dead to the consumers.

EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) is an organization started as a cooperation between the food producers and machine builders to be able to produce more high quality products according hygiene safety and avoid contaminations problems in the future. The result is different guidelines which highlights areas to think about for example manufacturing of and installing machines, how the factory shall be formed in different zones and how to maintain the process space in best way. But also specific areas as materials, for example stainless steel is the most preferably material, and how to weld in the most hygienic way instead of using screws.

With this under laying information Axelent would like to focus more on the assortment in stainless steel both for wire trays but also in the future machine guards. 

Axelent would like to be even better to satisfy our customers’ requirements in this area and because of that you are receiving this email.

You are important to us. Therefore, we appreciate if you have the opportunity to answer the questions below so we can meet your needs even better in the future.

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