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7 Oct 2021 • About Axelent, Movie, SnapperWorks

Our user-friendly drawing application SnapperWorks

The user friendly drawing application SnapperWorks is the easy way to create and customize your p...

15 Jul 2021 • About Axelent, Movie

From Hillerstorp to the world

Axelent makes airports safer everywhere. From Hillerstorp to the world.

6 Jul 2021 • About Axelent, Movie

Axelent’s order process

Axelent’s sales manager Andreas Gotmark walks us through our order process, from first contact to...

29 Jan 2021 • About Axelent, Movie

To meet customer's need for speed, reliability, flexibility and quality!

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace and digitalisation, environment and technologica...