Axel behind the scenes

Axelent supplies safety solutions to airports throughout the world. We act behind the scenes on behalf of the traveller. When your luggage takes a safe route without you then Axelent is usually involved.



As a traveller it is all about getting to the airport on time. Finding the right terminal and seeing which reception is yours for the day, usually on a gigantic screen literally overflowing with long rows of multicoloured letters and numbers. Time to check in, which is when problems arise with your ticket, passport and other documents. On top of all this you may have family, fellow travellers and colleagues to keep tabs on. If you have luggage to check in you might wonder what happens to it and all the other luggage at the airport. You know Axel, Axelent’s security agent? 



Axel is well-versed in all behind the scenes activities at airports. He’s travelled on a luggage conveyor in a suitcase. It's not allowed – forbidden in fact – but Axel was given permission in order to improve safety. Your work up to check-in is partly analogue, but your luggage travels digitally. At check-in a code is placed on your luggage. It controls the conveyor route your luggage takes because, just like a railway line, there are junctions where the destination of each suitcase is scanned. On the conveyor, just after your luggage has disappeared out of sight, each suitcase is placed in a plastic box, slightly bigger than the one used for your hand luggage at the security check This protects your suitcase and the conveyor belt. The plastic boxes are all the same size and navigate the curves and junctions much better. It is curves and junctions that Axel is most interested in because it is here, and where airport staff pass by, that Axelent’s safety products are most needed. The behind-the-scenes conveyor is automated, travels fast and nothing is allowed to fall off. Staff safety near the conveyors is dependent on reliable machine guards.



Axel inspected the machine guards at London Heathrow in the UK. Seventy eight million travellers pass through here every year, which means just as many suitcases. The Beumer Group supplied the luggage conveyors and associated systems. Axelent supplied the mesh walls and staff safety guards.

To date, Axelent has supplied machine safety to 20 airports around the world, from Melbourne to Toronto.

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