Whistleblower function for Axelent Group

In our whistleblower service, you can submit a report of suspected serious misconduct

We are keen to do the right thing and to maintain the trust of our employees, partners and the public in us and our business. We therefore want to do everything we can to detect and prevent any irregularities in our operations as early as possible. In our whistleblower service, you can submit a report of suspected serious misconduct. 

We have hired an independent receiver function (Qnister Whistle) that manages our reporting system to maintain an independent handling of the reports. All reports and messages received are handled in a manner that ensure confidential treatment of your identity. Your report will be encrypted, and no IP-address can be tracked. The next step is that an internal investigation is taking place together with the external receiver of the report.

​​​​​​​How to make a whistleblower report

When leaving a report, you can decide if you want to be anonymous or wish to leave your contact details in order to get a personal response. When you have submitted your report, an ID and password will be displayed on the screen. As we do not log any information about you, this is the only way we can communicate with you. You will receive a message from us in the login-controlled follow-up function within 7 days.

There are four ways of leaving a report:

  1. Visit: https://whistle.qnister.com/axelent
    In order to remain fully anonymous we recommend that you write the link into your browser, and use another computer than the one from your workplace.
    That is why we have not made the link clickable.
  2. You can scan the QR-code to the right with your phone to reach the form to fill in. 
  3. You can call to leave a report. The phone number is: +4636-33 00 740.
  4. You can also book a physical meeting with a contact at Qnister.
    Book a meeting by calling +4636-33 00 741.

Is my case a whistleblowing case?

The whistle blowing service can be used to report misconduct that you have received in a work-related context. The report shall relate to irregularities in which there is a public interest. Misconduct normally includes, violations of laws and regulations, corruption, bribery, financial crime, misuse of funds and serious harassments. Infringements within a variety of laws and regulations from EU, such as public procurement, product safety, environmental protection are also covered.

What is not a whistleblower case? 

Information that only relates to your personal work situation such as dissatisfaction regarding salary or similar does not usually constitute a whistle-blower case and should not be reported through the service. Reporting of classified information under the Security Protection Act (2018:585) or information relating to national security in the activities of an authority in the field of defense and security is not allowed.

What is needed when making a report? 

You do not need proof that your report is true, it is enough that you have reasonable cause to assume that the provided information is true. However, the report shall not be based on rumors or hearsay and it is not allowed to lie or knowingly provide false information in the report. Please note that you may have a reporting obligation which shall be handled in other channels. This whistleblowing service should not be used for disclosure where you have a reporting obligation under business-specific laws or regulations. 

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