We want to be your first choice in safety

From the very beginning our priority has been to keep more people safe at their workplaces with our products. Regardless if it is a large industrial work environment or a small and growing business, we believe everyone should feel safe at work.

Some of our industrial solutions

We offer more than just products to improve safety, we offer complete solutions to a safety issue you might have. All of the products that we have in range can be combined and customized to suit your specific need.

Warehouse automation

Axelent helps you achieve a safe, automated warehouse by securing conveyor tracks and enhancing operational efficiency with reduced risks and ensures a safer work environment.

Machine safety

Complete range of products to make the dealings with industrial machines as safe and effective as possible

Your Safety supplier

Our mission extends beyond merely selling products; we focus on delivering exceptional safety solutions and creating secure, efficient environments for all. 

Successful projects

Since 1990 Axelent has provided and helped companies all over the world to improve their safety and efficiency with our products. Take a look at some of our partnerships and projects.

Our promise to you

At Axelent, we aim to simplify safety solutions by translating complex regulations into clear, actionable information. Our innovative approach sets industry standards, enhancing both safety and efficiency. We're dedicated to creating secure work environments, ensuring everyone returns home safely.

Assembly videos

We guide you through assembly and installation. Here we have gathered all the assembly videos of our products in one place. Available when you need it!

Safety hub

We have gathered everything you need to know about machinery safety on our Safety hub. We guide you through directives & standards and give you tips on how to create a safe and secure working environment for everyone.

Digital showroom

In Xperience, our digital showroom, you can see our machine guards in their right environment and explore Axelents wide range of safety products.

Designing on your own

With our drawing program Safety Design, it is easy to prepare a complete drawing of your project. You can easily do it on your own by clicking and dragging - the drawing can then be used to generate your order!

Axelent Safety Design

Take a look at our new drawing application Axelent Safety Design - the simple way of designing safety

Discover simplicity with our intuitive drawing application, perfect for effortlessly crafting safety layouts. Safety Design offers a comprehensive range of products, from machine guards to pedestrian barriers, covering all aspects of safety in machinery and warehouse environments. Embrace a safer workspace with Safety Design, where safety meets simplicity.