Machine guarding

Axelent is one of the market’s leading machine guard manufacturers. The complete systems we supply comply with current directives and standards.




X-GUARD - Machine Guarding

X-GUARD - Lite machine guarding

X-TRAY for X-Guard

One system,
1000 advantages

Our machine guard systems are available in mesh, sheet metal, and plastic panel sections.

Standard vs Standard

Axelent’s machine guards are designed to meet all the requirements set for well-functioning machine guards. Our machine guards are approved in accordance with current directives. We also participate in standardisation work with SIS, The Swedish Standards Institute. We have a very extensive knowledge of industrial, warehousing and construction safety. You are therefore welcome to consult us to find out more about how to ensure the safest possible environment around our products.

Draw your safety solution with


Our own drawing application SnapperWorks enables us to quickly
provide you with a quotation including a drawing and material specification.