A Safety Book Made by Axelent

At Axelent we know what production standstill can cost and we are aware of the consequences of poor safety in production. We also know that the regulations surrounding machine safety can be complicated to find your way around. We therefore offer all our customers a safety package. A holistic approach with the tested and approved machine guarding forming the core combined with our know-how and service to provide you with an effective and rapidly delivered machine safety solution. At Axelent we seek to become your safety partner, no matter where in the world you are.

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Matthias Schulz, safety consultant, Axelent ProfiServices:

"I find no answers just cross references. This is how many feel when it comes to CE marking, machine safety and all that is entailed with it. Reading cumbersome EU directives, researching standards, performing hazard assessments appear to overwhelm them.

Therefore Axelent came up with a book that brings answers to these questions really easy. It’s a unique guide that helps you understand the most puzzling questions.

The book is different – we hope you will feel so too. It presents rules and regulations, illustrating principles and solutions with lots of graphics. And what is best: You don’t have to read from front to back. Just leaf through the book and start with whatever catches your eye."

The book will be launched in autumn. Book a meeting with our salesman and be a part of our VIPs who will get this special book.

5 Quickis!  

with Matthias Schulz

The big city or the countryside?
Of course the countryside

To be active or to chill?
To be active

Eat out or eat home?
Home (so that I can see how the food is prepared and my wife is a super chef)

Favorite place?
My bed at my home in Mallorca

Hidden talent?
I look like a guy with two left hands, as we say in Germany. But I'm good at all types of craftsmanship at home and around the house



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