Axelent proudly presents

Impact protection X-protect

Impact protection designed for a simple future

X-Protect is a unique approach to safety barriers. Unrivalled modularity, few system compents and damping that is built in
create a barrier system that changes with your work place. X-Protect allows rapid transformation, repair or replacement of existing barriers and bespoke configurations are limitless. 

We call it X-Protect.

Safety is just our starting point. Our goal is flexibility.
Welcome to a new era of impact protection with products designed to simplify your future!

Impact barriers

Pedestrian barrier system


Column guards


The modular and easy-to-install safety system

X-Protect is a range of modular impact barrier systems for warehouses and industries and is the most recent addition to Axelent’s portfolio of workplace safety products.

    • Environmental friendly - all parts can be recycled
    • Designed with flexibility and modularity in mind
    • Super easy to install 
    • Allow limitless combinations
    • Innovative anchoring system is extremely kind to the floor, meaning small diameter, shallow fixings can be used.


What makes X-Protect unique at the market?

We talked to Marcel Darroch-Davies,
project leader for X-Protect. 

Designing a completely modular protection series

The result is a completely modular range that is incredibly easy to install.


X-Protect is recyclable

The materials in X-Protect are the result of careful choices, working with local companies to make the products as long-lived and environmentally friendly as possible.


Impact testing

X-Protect has been through vigorous testing with loads of technology at our state-of-the-art facility. We use real world forces and impact zones so you can have peace of mind that you get all the protection you need.


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