Anti-collapse for a safe warehouse

Axelent's SafeStore anti-collapse system is the perfect solution for a safe, tidy and easy-to-work warehouse. Based on six standard sections, the system can be adapted to almost any modern shelving system and can be adjusted to the exact width and height required. Installing our anti-collapse system is an easy and economical way to prevent goods from falling and causing personal and material damage.

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Why you should use our anti-collapse system

SafeStore is a simple but effective solution for creating a safe and tidy pallet rack storage and anti-collapse system, which prevents accidents by preventing goods from falling and causing personal or material damage. The system, which is used in all types of warehouses worldwide - from small manually operated to large automated crane warehouses, is based on six standard sizes of mesh panels. These panels can be adapted to all modern shelving systems and offer two different dimensions of mesh openings, 50x30 mm or 50x60 mm, to balance safety and cost efficiency. The panels can also be cut for an optimal fit.

Each section is attached with brackets to the posts and then bolted together vertically to the desired height and width. All products are delivered packed on special pallets directly from Hillerstorp in Sweden. SafeStore, by being attached to the back of the pallet rack, ensures a stable and reliable storage environment in both small manual warehouses and large, fully automated crane-controlled facilities.



  • Prevent accidents
  • Six standard sizes of mesh panels
  • Two dimensions in net mesh
  • The mesh panels can be cut for optimal fit
  • Possible to adjust the system to the desired height
  • Products arrive packed on special pallets directly from Hillerstorp
  • Works in both small manual warehouses and large automated wearhouses


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