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Our fall protection system can be used as an edge protection for mezzanine floors. The system is a modification of our X-Guard range and therefore the system can fill dual purposes, mezzanine protection and machine guarding. X-Rail can be used either without panels or with X-Guard Classic panels - mesh, plastic, and sheet metal.

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Our fall protection

There is a quick and easy way to improve safety on mezzanine floors, platforms and walkways and eliminate the risk of falling from a height in your workplace. Here is a guide to what you need to know about Axelents Fall Protection system.

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Learn about our fall protection system

This fall protection system is available in two post heights, 1,400 mm and 2,300 mm, offering flexibility in installation heights and center widths to suit various preferences.

It is designed for seamless integration with the standard X-Guard system in areas where edge protection is not a necessity. The installation process is straightforward, whether it's directly on a concrete floor, bolted to the steel I-beams of a mezzanine structure, or adapted to other bases like 38 mm plywood or metal grid channels.

The handrail component of the system is also user-friendly. Its existing keyhole slots in the rails allow for the addition of a handrail and, if required, an extra kneerail. For enhanced safety, the system can be fitted with mesh, solid, or transparent panels based on the specific needs and nature of the installation. The use of a full mesh panel along with a kick plate helps in eliminating gaps, reducing the risk of smaller objects falling to lower levels and thereby increasing overall safety.

Why fall protection?

By using our fall protection system you will increase the safety for both you and your emloyees. Additionally, it helps you save money and opens new opportunities that were not available before. With X-Rail you will get a strong, easy to install and completely modular system that will satisfy your needs and improve safety in your workplace. Tested and approved against the following standards:

    • DIN EN ISO 14122-3: 2016
    • BS 6180:2011
    • AS 1657:2018
    • OSHA 1910.29

All tests and verification have been performed with below various types of floor to ensure that it works in different environments:

    • Concrete
    • 38 mm mdf board placed on top of an I-beam in steel
    • Grid floor placed above an I-beam in steel

When and where to use fall protection?

The application of fall protection measures is critical and varies depending on the workplace environment. The key consideration for implementing these safety measures is the height at which employees are working. Specifically, fall protection becomes necessary when employees are working over a meter above a lower level. This is vital in scenarios where the risk of falling is compounded by the presence of hazardous equipment or substances below, or in situations where there's an increased chance of losing grip.

In terms of installation locations, the fall protection system is designed for versatility and ease of installation in a variety of settings and surfaces. Due to this versitality and adaptability it offers a sturdy and reliable safety measure suitable for multiple workplace scenarios, ensuring worker safety irrespective of the specific working height or environment. 

The mount of Axelent X-Rail fall protection
Axelent fall protection mezzaine rail


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