Practical & stable mesh shelves

Axelent's ShelfStore is a practical and very stable mesh shelf that is just as suitable for small goods without a pallet as well as for warehousing and storage on pallets. The mesh shelves do not collect dust and let light and water through, which is often a requirement when a sprinkler system is installed.

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Why you should choose our mesh shelves

Axelent's ShelfStore is an innovative solution designed to create safer and more efficient storage environments. This product helps to optimize warehouse management and facilitate daily operations, while ensuring a safer workplace. In Axelent's wide range of products for storage needs, you will find everything from different types of dividers and impact protection to durable mesh shelf panels.

The ShelfStore system is specifically designed to provide a stable and practical storage solution, suitable for everything from small items to pallet storage. With 13 different variants of mesh shelves, you can choose between two grid sizes, either 50 x 100 mm or 60 x 125 mm, to match your needs. Each ShelfStore shelf is designed to support up to 1,000 kilograms, making the system robust and reliable for heavy loads.

The unique design of the ShelfStore mesh panels prevents dust build-up and allows easy passage of water, which is particularly beneficial in warehouses with sprinkler systems. The shelf's L-shaped front profile ensures stability and safety, as the shelves stand firmly without the need for bolting. This makes it easy to adapt and reorganize the storage space when needed.

ShelfStore is customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements and needs of your business. The thoughtful and robust design is intended to maximize safety and handling efficiency. An example of this is the overhead wires on the shelves, which are strategically placed to simplify the loading and unloading of goods, further streamlining warehouse processes. Axelent's ShelfStore therefore represents an optimal solution for modern, safe and efficient warehouse environments.

  • Safer and more efficient warehouse environments
  • Wide range of products
  • Can handle up to 1,000 kg
  • Prevents dust build-up
  • Easy passage for water
  • Easy to adapt to the storage space
  • Overhead wires simplify loading and unloading of goods


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