Safety shines through in everything we do

We deliver just as much safety as we do mesh walls within the machine guard, warehouse and storeroom wall segments. This edition of X-News is living proof of that. We have taken a firm grip on safety in the global market and Axelent Safety together with Axelent ProfiServices play a vital part in maintaining our market leading position.

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Why does Axelent focus on safety? First and foremost because all employees have the right to a safe and secure workplace. Economy is another reason. Workplace accidents cost companies enormous amounts in sick leave, damages and production downtimes. We also try to help our customers fulfil the legal requirements laid down in EU directives. 

Safety Book – unique handbook on machine safety 

Axelent ProfiServices, the German equivalent to Axelent Safety, has joined forces with a leading expert. Togther with us, Matthias Schulz has written a unique handbook on machine safety (see next page). 

Safety seminar a great success 

Safety is a burning issue at the moment and this was confirmed by a well-attended and much appreciated seminar held by Axelent ProfiServices in Stuttgart during April. The seats were soon filled despite a registration fee. 

Safe storage 

We also put safety first in the storeroom walls segment. Not only do our systems comply with a variety of safety levels, we also offer Axelent Construction Assistance. Following a break-in through any of our storeroom walls, we will send 

and assemble replacement material within two weeks of the incident being reported to us. Sometimes our storeroom walls are given other tasks. Read the article about the amazing tube station depot in Norsborg, Stockholm. 

I wish all our readers a wonderfully relaxing (and safe) summer. 


Stefan Axelsson, Export Manager, Axelent AB

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