The art of making the complicated simple

There is a principle behind the SnapperWorks software. That which is designed in the program can be fitted in reality – and perhaps even more importantly, vice versa. SnapperWorks blocks combinations that cannot be built in order to avoid delivering the wrong parts.

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Mats Jonsson, program developer at Axelent Software:

“At Axelent Software we work on software solutions for Axelent AB and the companies in the Axelent Group. With SnapperWorks we are quick out of the blocks when new products are being developed. The need to incorporate new products quickly in SnapperWorks is not the easiest task because a product’s properties and applications are quite often changed during the development stage. For this reason we work in close harmony with Axelent’s product developers.”

Reality based software

“The best feature with SnapperWorks is that what you build on the screen can be built in reality. To bring order to an array of possible and impossible combinations we bombard the product developers with ideas and questions. If the truth be known they probably find us tiresome at times. This inquisitiveness is, however, necessary for us to plan properly and be able to deliver the correct parts. Working together in this way also enables us to detect possible risks and problems when incorporating new products into the program.”

Several hundred users worldwide

“SnapperWorks has been developed continuously since 1997 into what is today an extremely user-friendly program. The drag and drop method makes the program very easy to learn. Today we have close to 500 licenced users worldwide.”

5 quick answers! SnapperWorks tips

with Mats Jonsson


Workout or relax?

Eat out or at home?

Favourite place?
All new places

Hidden talent?
I'm a dab hand at barbequing chill-marinated chicken.

• Download the latest version: SnapperWorks Axelent 3.30b

• Queries relating to the program:

• Use a sufficiently large screen when working with SnapperWorks, at least 1 366x768 pixels, with width being the most important thing (minimum width of the screen resolution 1 366 pixels).

• Does the program refuse to follow orders? SnapperWorks blocks combinations that cannot be built in reality.





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Mats Jonsson
Programme Developer
+46 370-37 37 66
Håkan Renning
Programme Developer
+46 370-37 37 47
Andreas Hansen
IT Manager
+46 370-37 37 44

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