Floor Barrier

Specifically designed to shield the lower parts of your perimeter walls and essential infrastructure from the everyday risks of vehicle forks, pallets in transit, AMRs and AGVs, and other low-height hazards. Our Floor Barrier is engineered to ensure workplace safety, keeping both your team and your facilities secure. 

Three different configurations

Standalone Floor Barrier

Improve workplace safety with our Floor Barrier, designed for versitality and robust protection. Ideal as a standalone solution or in combination with our other X-Protect impact protection products, it offers unmatched safeguarding against workplace hazards. Use the Floor Barrier for a secure work environment that smartly accommodates the interaction between humans and automated machinery.

Standalone Floor Barrier configuration yellow
Impact High with Floor Barrier configuration yellow
Impact High with Floor Barrier

Secure your workspace with the Impact High with Floor Barrier, an alternative to the Double Impact Low for end-of-rack protection. Specially designed to efficiently absorb impacts from vehicle forks and other hazards, this solution safeguards your assets while minimizing maintenance costs. Our Floor Barrier configuration increases your facility's safety and durability and ensures the protection of your infrastructure against the specific challenges posed by vehicles with forks, promoting operational continuity.

Pedestrian with Floor Barrier

Maximize safety and streamline pedestrian flow in your workspace with our Pedestrian with Floor Barrier. This innovative solution, an alternative to our other X-Protect Pedestrian barrier configurations, effectively segregates pedestrian pathways from vehicular routes, including those frequented by fork lift trucks, ensuring a safer environment. Its strategic design not only enhances safety but also promotes efficient traffic flow.

Pedestrian with Floor Barrier configuration yellow
Floor barrier for use on its own

The Floor Barrier represents the forefront of workspace safety solutions, offering unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and performance

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The Floor Barrier represents the forefront of workspace safety solutions, offering unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and performance

Enhancing workplace safety

The Floor Barrier system enhances workplace safety by functioning as a versatile guard rail or pallet stop, offering comprehensive low-level impact protection. By seamlessly integrating with configurations like the Impact High and the Pedestrian & Pedestrian with Impact, it bolsters pallet racking end protection and delineates pedestrian areas. This adaptability meets diverse safety needs across various workspace layouts, setting a new standard for guard rail systems in perimeter defense and infrastructure protection.

  • Versatile protection solutions
  • Easy to adapt to your work place layout
  • Seamless integration with our other impact protection products

Simplifying safety

Taking workplace safety to the next level, our Floor Barrier system features an easy installation process and low anchor count. Designed for minimal disruption, its components are intuitive to assemble and quick to install. Its innovative design not only cuts down on inventory but also makes it possible to effortlessly adapt to evolving safety standards and requirements. Our Floor Barrier and impact protection system is an essential piece in the modern workplace safety solutions, tailored to keep your work environment secure. 

  • Quick adjustments
  • Cost-effective safety
  • Minimal installation requirements

Standalone Floor Barrier

Cost effective protection for building perimeters and other infrastructure

Impact High with Floor Barrier

An alternative to the Double Impact Low for pallet racking end protection

Pedestrian with Floor barrier

An alternative to the Pedestrian barrier configurations for pedestrian segregation alongside traffic ways

Axelent Safety Design

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Discover simplicity with our intuitive drawing application, perfect for effortlessly crafting safety layouts. Safety Design offers a comprehensive range of products, from machine guards to pedestrian barriers, covering all aspects of safety in machinery and warehouse environments. Embrace a safer workspace with Safety Design, where safety meets simplicity.