X-Tray for X-Guard



Axelent offers a range of smart accessories to help you when handling and fitting your wire trays.

Safety caps are essential for covering sharp edges after the trays have to be cut. On the Junction Box Plate you can install things like breakers, switches and sockets. Equipotential bonding is provided by our equipotential bonding screw.

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CAD Article Description  
2568 X68 Equipotential Bonding Screw
2572-4 X72 Safety cap 5 mm 100 pcs
2572-5 X72 Safety cap 5 mm 100 pcs
2572-6 X72 Safety cap 6 mm 100 pcs
2763-1 X63 Accessories holder
2780-1 X80 Side accessories holder
7500-191 Knurled locking plug
279.28.720 Hose/Cable protector
279.21.784 Hose/Cable protector
2764-45-2300 X64 L-Divider X-Guard, 45x2300 mm, RAL 9011 (Graphite Black)


X-Tray for X-Guard


X-Tray for X-Guard - article numbers

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