Other Brackets


Axelent offers several mounting possibilities, of which Bracket Mounting, Top Mounting and Keyhole Mounting are the most common. All mountings are quick and easy to assemble.

The mesh panel bracket enables vertical cable runs through the middle of the mesh panels. Brackets, Pendants and X10 Brackets enable optional placement on machines, walls, ceilings and floors.

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CAD Article Surface Treatment Description  
2710-1 Black Zink X10 Bracket
2710-2 Black Zink X10 Mini Bracket
2711-240 Black Zink X11 Pendant Heavy 240
2714-280 Black Zink X14 Pendant 280
2715-120 Black Zink X15 Bracket 60-120
2715-220 Black Zink X15 Bracket 220
2715-320 Black Zink X15 Bracket 320
2715-420 Black Zink X15 Bracket 420
2715-480 Black Zink X11 Pendant 480


X-Tray for X-Guard


X-Tray for X-Guard - article numbers

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