Storeroom system for all needs

We have storeroom system to suit all needs. With a flexible system, it can be installed and adapted for both attic storage and basement storage. We help you quickly and easily with advice, drawing and installation!





We are your complete supplier of storeroom systems

At Axelent Safe-X, we offer smart products for safe environments. We offer a wide range of storage systems and bicycle racks. We always offer assembly of your storage or bicycle rack, which means that you save time and that you can always be sure that it is done correctly. We have the industry's largest team of installers around Sweden, who are ready to help you with your installation. We offer a large stock of standard items, which allows us to keep fast lead times from decision to delivery, which makes it easier for you as a customer. We help you optimize your security and storage solutions!

Storeroom systems for all spaces

Our storage walls are available in both mesh and metal. The choice of storage wall depends on the requirements for security and transparency. Regardless of which option suits you best, all storage types have reinforced door construction and can be combined with each other. They can be adapted to the prevailing ceiling height and meet the applicable safety standards.

The doors are adapted for the disabled, without thresholds and are delivered complete to facilitate assembly.

Sheet metal storage

A storeroom can reveal a lot or nothing at all. Our sheet metal storage have covered walls and are developed for spaces where there are high demands on safety and stability without transparency. Our sheet metal walls can be advantageously combined with mesh walls to get a higher wall or as an intermediate wall between storagerooms.

  • Extra strong pipe construction in doors
  • Standard height: 2000 mm
  • Can be combined with our online stores
  • Can be cut and adapted to existing building construction
  • Possibility to build upper section/roof
  • The walls are manufactured in sendzimir, the doors are painted in RAL 9018
  • Door prepared for padlock
Axelent Safety Design

Take a look at our new drawing application Axelent Safety Design - the simple way of designing safety

Discover simplicity with our intuitive drawing application, perfect for effortlessly crafting safety layouts. Safety Design offers a comprehensive range of products, from machine guards to pedestrian barriers, covering all aspects of safety in machinery and warehouse environments. Embrace a safer workspace with Safety Design, where safety meets simplicity.