Triple sliding door with 3-step rail – adaptability in case of limited space

Our triple sliding door with 3-step rail is an ideal solution for limited lateral space and enables adaptation of the opening dimensions. The door is suitable for many environments and can be adjusted to the customer's specific needs. 


Sliding door with 3-step rail - D23-XXX450 - 8

Things to consider before choosing a machine guard door 

When choosing a door for safety fences, there are several parameters to consider. What should the door be used for? What function should it have? In what environment should the door be located? What safety features are needed? Here you will find information about what is important to consider when choosing a guard door and when it is appropriate to choose a triple sliding door with 3-step rail. 

When choosing a safety fence door, there are several parameters to consider. Choosing the right door means that it does not pose a danger to the surroundings and that there is no risk of collision with objects or persons, or even crushing of limbs. Some important questions to consider are: 

  • What type of safety door fits the available space? 
  • Will it achieve the required level of protection? 
  • How frequently will it have to be opened/closed? 
  • Can locks and interlocks (safety switches) be installed? 

The first thing you should do is, figure out the function of the door and the characteristics of the surroundings. Often, a door chosen is not suitable for the environment or takes up too much space. The choice largely depends on the purpose: will the door serve as a passage for staff, material entrance/exit, or for some other function? However, sliding doors should not normally be used as emergency exit doors, because some people might not be able to open the door fast enough if panicking. 


When is the triple sliding door with 3-step rail the best choice?  

All Axelent’s guard doors fulfill the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC’s requirements for movable guards on the market. From our range of safety doors, the triple sliding door with 3-step rail is ideal in cases where large openings are desired but where space is lacking laterally. Instead of the door leaves sliding sideways, they overlap each other and are linked together. In the open position, the door leaves are thus collected on a limited surface. 

A triple sliding door with 3-step rail can be advantageously used when there is no space to open the safety door like a regular passage door. The door can be adapted to different opening dimensions. 

The advantage of all doors in Axelent's range – the triple sliding door with 3-step rail is no exception to this - is that you do not need any specific panels for the doors. Fixed fencing panels can be converted into a sliding door. 


In what environment is the door suitable? 

The environment in which the machine safety door is to be installed is important when making the decision, because there are doors which are not suitable for all types of surroundings. For example, a humid environment can affect the condition of the door. However, our sliding doors can be used in most environments. For example:  

  • Industry 
  • Warehouse premises 
  • Storage solutions 
  • Openings in area boundaries 


Does the door need to be supplemented with other products? 

What is inside the fence door usually determines the choice of lock and safety functions. Storage of simpler tools does not normally require installation of switches and sensors. However, they will be required to prevent access to hazardous machines and robots. Therefore, be sure to take the following into account: 

  • The purpose
  • Lock selection
  • If a safety switch is required
  • Who/what will pass through the door
  • What is behind the door

The door needs to be supplemented with some form of lock and in many cases also a safety switch. This is to prevent personal injury if the door is used to access machinery, but also to avoid downtime of machines. Another useful complement to the door is our cable trays. Use of wire trays prevents clutter in storage areas and promotes a clean and tidy space around the production facilities. If the guard fence must be higher, the door panels can be extended. 


Advantageous features of the door: 

  • No special panels are needed for the door 
  • Suitable for most environments and work areas 
  • Suitable for limited spaces 
  • Several customization options 
  • Can be used together with our wide range of cable trays 
  • Cost-effective solution 


Product information:  
Maximum height: 2500 mm 
Maximum width: 3 x 1500 mm.  

The doors width and height are determined based on the choice of panel. Important! When ordering, the desired opening direction needs to be stated. 

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