Safety thinking drives our innovation

With a typical manufacturing process that is adapted to a specific product, it is easy to just sit back and be satisfied with where you are. But not us here at Axelent!

We are forward-thinking individuals and innovators. We never settle for “good enough”, but are always striving to achieve the exceptional. Our safety culture entails continuously developing our core products, finding new perspectives and thinking outside the box.

In our sector, it is absolutely crucial to manufacture products that meet all safety and functional requirements, and to keep up to date as regards their compliance with directives. However, the fact that we also integrate design, simplicity and intelligent solutions into all of our products is what distinguishes us as a supplier.

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We’re all about safety - the movie

We want to be prepared. We want to feel safe. This is second nature for us.

Safety is an interaction between people’s actions and risk management

This is nothing new to anyone – especially not to us at Axelent

What does safety mean to you?

Our safety culture involves knowledge, awareness of risks and the will to reduce them.

The desire to protect others, not just ourselves 

Practical safety thinking is incorporated in much of what we do in our day-to-day lives. 

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