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– Julia Alfelt

Meet Julia Alfelt, the new Product Manager at Axelent, who has been on the job for just over two months.
"My main task will be to analyze and evaluate existing as well as new markets to establish ourselves as the obvious choice for our existing and new customers."

Tell us a little about yourself!

I have just moved to Värnamo with my husband Alexander and our two children, Loui and Levi. Besides my family, my great interest is training and having fun with my children. I have a background in elite sports in both basketball and figure skating. These two sports are polar opposites, but they have given me a lot in terms of discipline, structure, and teamwork, which has been very beneficial in my career.


What did you work with before joining Axelent?

Before starting at Axelent, I was the Global Product Manager for five years at a company called Swedstyle in Vaggeryd, which manufactures height-adjustable desks for one of the world's largest furniture companies as well as for its own range. During these five years, we optimized and standardized the product range, introduced new products for home offices, and made a multimillion investment in a new product range. It's amusing that Swedstyle manufactured the workbenches at Axelent.

What sparked your interest in product development?

After high school, I ran my own company with a product for emergency treatment of sports injuries, a product that grew out of my own injuries. This product has been a major reason for my interest in product development and entrepreneurship, which led me to study mechanical engineering. After graduating from the University of Jönköping, I worked at Thule and AQ Plast in product and process development.

What was your first impression of Axelent as a company?

I would describe Axelent with four words: leadership, community, commitment, and a winning mentality. A mentality to want to develop as a company with a focus on safety.

What does the role of Product Manager entail and what is your primary focus?

Axelent currently has a very good product with high customer satisfaction. My main task will be to analyze and evaluate existing as well as new markets to establish ourselves as the obvious choice for our existing and new customers.

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