Axelent invests in the product range Wire trays in Axelent Wire Tray AB

X-Tray®, Axelent’s own brand for wire trays, has the market’s widest range, both in terms of material and function. X-Tray® will now be produced, stocked, and sold via Axelent Wire Tray AB. The company will be located in Hillerstorp, Sweden and the business will move from Axelent AB to Axelent Wire Tray on September 1st, 2022.


Jonatan Liljedahl, MD Axelent Wire Tray AB ”It is with great humility and excitement that we now form a new organiza¬tion that in its entirety can focus on the products within Axelent Wire Tray. It will be a pure production and sales company that can benefit from the resources within the Axelent Group, which creates a very efficient structure. The products within the company have great potential where the goal is to improve the customer experience for existing customers while we can attract new customers to take part in one of the market’s best products in their segment.
Axelent is a fantastic company with a stable ownership structure that takes great social responsibility and it will be a lot of fun to develop Axelent Wire Tray within Axelent”.



Jonatan Liljedahl,

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