Together we create a profitable flow

In the Småland highlands, more precisely in Eksjö, we can find Björkö Mekaniska AB (BMA). We met Daniel Lagander, CEO, and Conny Karlsson, Production Technician, at the company to take a look at their automation facility and to find out more about how our safety products have helped them get a flow that works for their business.

Daniel Lagander, CEO, BMA and Sven-Erik Andersson, salesman, Axelent.

Here BMA offers advanced processing of metal and plastic in CNC machines where their specialty is processing aluminum and TEM-debur - Axelent’s products, in this case their machine protection X-Guard, have been a great help there. The machine protection together with the X-It lock and switch creates a good environment for our employees to work in and it is important that they feel safe when they come to work, Conny Karlsson, Production Technician, adds.

-It is also incredibly important that we minimize production stops to as few as possible. Since we have about 10 automated cells with robots, it is important that the flow works. If we get a stop, it can have devastating consequences. We have deliveries that require the machines to run around the clock, therefore you need systems that you can trust and since we have been a partner of Axelent for over 20 years, it feels safe to turn to them, says Daniel.



When it is time to rebuild the cells or when buying new machines, Conny draw the whole project in a CAD program.

-I download Axelent’s 3D files from their website and import into my DWG file together with the robot cell. It gives me insight how the end result will look like ring.

 -TEM-deburring is something we are unique in and especially when it comes to the subcontracting of products. Our customers comes with their product, we put our hand of expertise on it, and then the customer comes and collect it. Smooth and easy for the customer, says Daniel Lagander, CEO of BMA.We have a broad facility with several automation cells where our staff collaborates with robots to create a profitable flow and a quality and precision that our customers demand. Many of the products that we process is for the Automotive industry and some of our customers are SAAB, Volvo Cars, Hydro, ProfilGruppen and Ljunghäll.






Axelent's safety products enhanced the working environment since most of the products being processed requires extra handling and control and I can then easily see if any adjustments need to be made, says Conny.

"We are very pleased with our cooperation with Axelent, of course there are always things you can improve and adjust, but with our collaboration we will continue to develop together", says Daniel.

“Axelent’s machine protection together with the X-It lock and switch creates a good environment for our employees to stay in, and it is important that they feel safe when they come to work.” 

About the company

Björkö Mekaniska AB was started 1979 and has since the start been focused on highly automated volume production. 

BMA works with everything from prototype production and shorter series to automated high-volume production. The customer is already involved in

the design stage to achieve as cost-effective processing as possible.

The basis of the company is advanced machining in CNC machines. Since July 2018, the company is part of the industrial group Inducore

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