Watch our customer case at British Offsite in Essex, Great Britain

We're thrilled to share the incredible journey of collaboration with our esteemed partners, British Offsite at their new state of the art facilities in Essex, Great Britain.  

British Offsite is the creator of the most technically advanced light gauge steel panel system in the marketplace, suitable for house, mid-rise and high-rise developments. 

With this project there was a lot of interaction between MHE, machine, robotics, and also the operators, so the need to be able to separate people away from machinery and the robotics was needed, hence why we looked at a solution from Axelent.”  - Grant Mettam, Operations Manager, British Offsite. 

Our safety solutions, and commitment to innovation make us the complete safety partner and the trusted choice for industry leaders like British Offsite. 

Results That Speak Volumes: 
  • Increased operational efficiency  
  • Enhanced safety protocols 
  • Seamless collaboration  

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