Streamline collaboration with sharing function

In the realm of safety solutions, collaboration is key to developing the most efficient and effective systems. Axelent's Safety Design tool introduces a revolutionary sharing function, designed to enhance teamwork and streamline project development. This feature allows you to easily share your projects with colleagues, partners, and the Axelent Support team, ensuring that every aspect of your safety solution benefits from collective expertise and insight.

Effortless project sharing and collaboration

With Safety Design, sharing your projects is as simple as entering an email address or sending a direct link. This ease of access ensures that team members, stakeholders, and experts can review and contribute to your projects seamlessly. Whether you're working within your organization or seeking the guidance of Axelent's experienced support team, this program facilitates a collaborative environment where safety solutions are refined and optimized.

Customizable access for secure collaboration

Understanding the importance of project security and control, Axelent Safety Design allows you to set specific read and write permissions for each shared project. This feature ensures that you can tailor access according to the collaboration needs of each project. Safely protect your designs while enabling productive teamwork.

Harness collective intelligence for superior safety solutions

Collaboration through Axelent Safety Design means more than just sharing files. It's about harnessing the collective intelligence of your team and leveraging the expertise of Axelent's support staff to develop smarter, more effective safety solutions. By collaborating directly within the tool, you can:

  • Incorporate diverse perspectives and expertise into your project.
  • Quickly identify and address potential issues, thanks to the varied skill sets of your team.
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your safety solutions through collaborative refinement.
Connect with Axelent Support for expert guidance

Beyond internal collaboration, the sharing function of the program opens the door to unparalleled support and guidance from Axelent's team of safety experts. Share your project with our support staff to gain insights, suggestions, and expert opinions that can elevate the quality and safety of your solutions. This direct line to professional advice ensures that your safety designs are not only compliant but also optimized for your specific needs.

Embrace the future of safety design collaboration with Axelent, where every project is a joint effort toward a safer work environment.

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