When does machinery need a guard railing/fall protection?

Machinery may have workplaces which are more than 500 mm above the floor. In such cases guard railing is needed to prevent workers from falling off the machinery.   

Often machine manufacturers consider the installation of guard railing to be the responsibility of the customer, the company operating the machinery.  
However, the Machinery Directive is quite clear on this. It requires in section 1.6.2 of Annex I that “Machinery must be designed and constructed in such a way as to allow access in safety to all areas where intervention is necessary during operation, adjustment and maintenance of the machinery.”  

This clearly shows that guard railing where needed is an indispensable part of the safeguarding of machinery. And it also shows that this is the case regardless of whether the workplace is used permanently or only temporarily, for instance, for maintenance work. 

To meet this demand Axelent offers the system X-Rail.

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