Axelent X-Guard - A modular and efficient machine guarding system

Workplace safety and protection for both machinery and personnel is of utmost importance in the industry and manufacturing sector. To meet these needs, Axelent has developed an innovative and effective machine guard, X-Guard. With outstanding modularity, user-friendliness and high safety standards, X-Guard offers everything required for a really good and effective machine protection. 

X-Guard Quick fitting system


Modular and fast installation 

What sets Axelent's X-Guard apart is its modular design and quick installation process. With a smart quick fitting system, X-Guard offers an impressively simple and smooth installation, dismantling, relocation and extension of the machine guard as needed. The groundbreaking click feature allows for a hassle-free installation where no other fasteners are needed. The panel is easily secured to the post by clicking into place. This quick fitting works whether the panel is made of mesh, sheet metal, plastic or has rounded corners. The result is an adaptable and versatile machine protection solution that can be easily configured to suit different businesses and needs. 


X-guard offers many advantages

  • User-friendly 
    Easy and quick installation with simple installation instructions 
  • Unique quick fittings 
    Minimized installation time thanks to Axelent's unique quick fittings 
  • Minimal maintenance 
    X-Guard requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution in the long term 
  • Combine with other Axelent solutions 
    The machine guards can be integrated with both Axelent impact protection and cable trays 
  • Flexible and modular 
    Panels and posts available in many widths and heights 
  • Modular door solutions 
    Door solutions easily integrated into your machine guard with different locks and switches 
  • Wide range of accessories 
    Combine with flexible locking solutions and switches with different functions and security classifications, or panels with rounded corners 
  • High security 
    X-Guard helps prevent injuries to workers and minimize the risk of accidents in the workplace 

The modular design, the unique quick attachment and the wide range of accessories make X-Guard an indispensable tool for companies that value efficiency, ease of use and safety. With X-Guard, Axelent takes a significant step towards creating a safer and more productive work environment for everyone. 

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