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Building a safe warehouse

A lock glossary


Ways of making safety doors quicker and easier to enter. Some locks can be manipulated to allow doors to remain open the whole time.


Emergency handle

A handle on the inside of the safety door in the machine guards. If somebody gets stuck inside they can get out by pulling the emergency handle.


Panic lock

A lock that is used at emergency exits and escape routes. Doors fitted with this lock can always be opened from the inside, even when locked with a key.

Mechanical splint

Our X-Locks are equipped with a mechanical splint that requires handling to open and close the door from the outside.


Interlocking safety switch

A signal is emitted when the lock is properly locked.


Snap lock

A simple type of lock that locks the door as it shuts.

Hitch lock

Works together with a touch-free door release and functions in a similar way to our X-Lock.

Interlocking (door breaker)

A door breaker tells the machine if the safety door is open. This means that the door is monitored by the machine's system and sends a signal to the machine telling it whether it can run or not. The machine will only run if the door is firmly shut.


Guardlocking (door lock)

A door lock works in much the same way, by sending a signal, the difference being that the door is locked by a special key or locking device and cannot be opened until the machine is in safe mode.

Axelent has developed locks that work in combination with a door breaker or a door lock, such as our X-Lock and Hitch Lock.


One-way screws

A popular way of manipulating a lock is to unscrew and remove one of the parts of the breaker or lock. We have stopped this by using one-way screws. As the name implies, these screws can be screwed in but not unscrewed.


Important features of a safe warehouse:

  1. Concrete floors
  2. Good lighting
  3. Appropriately designed forklift aisles adapted to your operations.
  4. A stable rack of high quality.
  5. The right equipment in the shape of upright, collision and slide-through guards, safety netting, mesh deck-ing and mesh shelving.


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