New employees at Axelent Engineering AB

Axelent Engineering AB has grown a lot in recent years. In the past year the workforce has increased by roughly 15%.




Product Development & Engineering Design

Filip is a trained machine engineer with a Master’s degree in Product Development and Materials. He has previously worked with designing pressing tools and car interiors.

5 quickies

City or countryside?

Activity or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?
Eat out, I love Asian food!

Favourite place?
In the sun and near the sea

Hidden talent?
Haven’t found it yet




Machine Design & Product Development

Tobias has a Bachelor of Science in Machine Engineering from Linköping University. He is interested in design and construction and has also studied product development and automation.

5 quickies

City or countryside?

Activity or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?
At home (with my wife)

Favourite place?

Hidden talent?
I’m a good judge of character




Constructor / CAD designer

Elvis joined us straight from school where he studied 3D technology in Värnamo.

5 quickies

City or countryside?
Definitely countryside

Activity or relaxation?
Being active in workout and sports

Eat out or at home?
Eat out, I’m not that good a cook yet

Favourite place?
The Isle of Solta off the Croatian coast. Stunning!

Hidden talent?
I have the ability to create a good atmosphere

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