Teambuilding in Oberstdorf together with a six-time world champion

Oberstdorf is a popular winter sports resort in the state of Bavaria, southern Germany. It is also Johannes Rydzek’s birthplace. Together with Rydzek the entire German Axelent team stayed in Oberstdorf for two full days.




Markus Etzel Axelent GmbHMarkus Etzel, Sales and Marketing, Axelent GmbH:

“Axelent GmbH is undergoing fantastic growth and development. The days in Oberstdorf were a great opportunity for our four new employees to acquaint themselves with the unique Axelent spirit and meet their Axelent colleagues. It was also a perfect opportunity for team building for all of us.”

Focus on both work and health

“Day 1 offered a full schedule together with an external lecturer. Telephone skills training and a workshop on the theme of growing as a group were some of the items on the programme. 

Day 2 we visited the famous Oberstdorf ski jumping arena. The arena is a well-known starting place for the annual Four Hills Tournament, the high point for all ski jumpers and a part of the World Championships in 2021. Even the audience loves this competition and as many as 30,000 gather every year to watch the heats."

The Axelent team had a special guide that day when Johannes Rydzek joined the group. He is Axelent GmbH’s official ambassador and six-time world champion in Nordic Combined. Johannes told us all about the arena and his equipment.

The day ended with a pleasant walk in the beautiful mountain landscape.

To sum up:

The two days were a wonderful experience for the team and the beginning of the next step for Axelent GmbH.

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