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One of the challenges with drawing a model on the computer is that it is often difficult to get an idea of what the product will actually look like in reality. Our new 3D printer enables us to quickly check that a product concept functions as planned.

In our R&D department, we work every day with the SolidWorks CAD software. This is a computer program we use to create 3D models and drawings for all our products. One of the challenges with drawing a model on the computer is that it is often difficult to get an idea of what the product will actually look like in reality, how big it will be and how it will be experience when held in the hand. To make it easier for our product developers to get an idea of what a product will feel like, we use our new 3D printer every day.




How does a 3D printer work?

A 3D printer is a machine that takes a model drawn on a computer and prints it out in plastic. 3D printers build a model by laying layer after layer of melted plastic.

In practice, this means that at the press of a button we can begin printing a concept that he 3D printer will turn into a prototype in a matter of hours for us to test. Ordering a “real” prototype would take days or even weeks. The 3D printer helps us to quickly sift out the ideas that work less well at an early stage in the development process.




Erik Nyström is the latest addition to our R&D team. Get to know him a bit better below.

What is your background?

Before I began at Axelent I spent two years training and supporting users of CAD software called SolidWorks. Prior to that I attended a two-year course on 3D technology.

What are your greatest assets in your work?

I like problem-solving and I’m a calm person, two qualities that I can benefit greatly from in my work.

What is the most inspiring thing about your job?

Being part of Axelents R&D team and helping to create the safety solutions of tomorrow is very exciting. My job in the R&D team means I’ll work on several of our products and come into contact with a variety of materials. Because I’m new in this role, I’ll learn new things and face new challenges every day, which is very rewarding.

Why would you recommend Axelent?

Axelent has a product range that is safe and secure, flexible and smart. This means there are many choices and combinations when creating new safety solutions or when it's time to develop existing systems. As well having a well-thought-out product range, Axelent is also very customer-focused. This runs through the whole company and we constantly strive to be better in everything we do.”

5 quickies with Erik Nyström

City or countryside? Countryside

Activity or relaxation? Relaxation

Eat out or at home? At home

Favourite place? Our cabin in Hemmeslöv

Hidden talent? I’m a dab hand at baking bread

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