Exciting autumn ahead as Axelent enjoys a tailwind

There’s plenty on the go as always when autumn comes around. You’ll have read in the previous X-News that we’re continuing to invest in logistics. Our new logistics centre in Hillerstorp is now fully operational. This marks a milestone for our business and presents excellent opportunities for us to improve the reliability of deliveries to our customers.


Mats Hilding Axelent)


In this edition of our magazine, you can read about the JU Solar Team and its solar-powered car which will soon be competing in Australia. Our decision to step in as the main sponsor of this project is fully in line with Axelent’s environmental and sustainability principles. Today, we are self-sufficient in energy thanks to the investments we have made in wind power over many years. I consider it our responsibility to work towards the creation of a sustainable society, and it is also a goal that we truly want to achieve. In the new version of our Code of Conduct that we have recently released, we place much greater emphasis on sustainability across all areas of our business. Moreover, our environmental ethos is helping us to attract and win more customers. It is what customers are looking for and appreciate. In general, most areas of our business are currently enjoying a tailwind.

There will be an increase in activity on both our website and social media in the months ahead. We’ve just rolled out a new part of our global campaign and there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline. We’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be visible when the sports club IK Sävehof plays its handball matches. Turn the page to find out more. Turn to page 8 to read about Emma Sundelius who has been appointed Head of Development at Axelent AB. We’ve been working hard with the organisational aspects of our products and Emma plays a key role in this process. One of the keys to success is to always offer market-leading products. We wish Emma the very best in her new role.

Axelent will also be attending some of the major trade fairs taking place this autumn. These include IMHX in the UK, Motek in Germany and FABTECH in the USA.




Theme: Sport

I’d like to round off with a look at the theme for this edition of our magazine. It feels good to be able to say that Axelent is active in all senses of the word. Our employees are our most important resource and we want to give everyone plenty of opportunities to live an active life. One initiative aimed at encouraging active lifestyles is our very own sports hall, Axelent Arena, which is next to our facilities in Hillerstorp. Offering a range of different sporting activities and types of physical exercise, the hall is available for use by all of our employees. You’ll discover as you continue reading that some of our colleagues like to take on impressive challenges. One of the keys to success is to always offer market-leading products.


Mats Hilding, MD, Axelent AB




Emil Rask, Axelent and Ferry Svan after completing Cykelvasan mountain bike race

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