A winning team

Axelent GmbH is investing in the future
The German market is growing at a rapid pace. Six new people have been employed since April. In October a 2-day teambuilding session was held with the aim of boosting team spirit.

Harald Steidle, Managing Director, Axelent GmbH:
“To meet increased demand, since April we’ve employed six new people and now have 16 dedicated workers at the company. To make us all feel part of a winning team and to get us all pulling in the same direction, we organised a team event in Aalen on 16 to 17 October.”

A world champion in the kitchen
“Axelent GmbH is a proud sponsor of Johannes Rydzek, double world champion in Nordic Combination during the World Championships in Falun 2015. Johannes took part in our team exercises and provided inspiration on things like motivation, competition and the ability to start again after a defeat. He also took part in our cooking activity, brightening up the evening for us all.”

1-year anniversary for Axelent Profiservices
undefined“During autumn 2014 we created a new department at Axelent GmbH together with Matthias Schulz (picture). The department was given the name Axelent Profiservices and focuses on machine safety. We’ve worked closely with Matthias on machine safety issues since 2008, so are very happy to have him in-house. In addition, we’ve stepped up a gear with a further machine safety consultant, Benedikt Günzler. Axelent Profiservices holds seminars, training opportunities and lectures in machine safety on a wide range of forums, from schools to universities and expos.




The Axelent GmbH management team and the new employees paid a visit to Axelent in Hillerstorp. They were accompanied by two new employees from Axelent Ltd.

From left to right:
Harald Steidle (MD Axelent GmbH),
Christian Hoek (Customer Service, Axelent GmbH),
Markus Etzel (Marketing, Axelent GmbH),
Jane Scarlett (Sales Manager, Southwest, Axelent Ltd),
Michael Friedrich (Seller, Axelent GmbH),
Jonas Predatsch (Customer Service, Axelent GmbH),
Kai Schaupp (Customer Service, Axelent GmbH),
Benedikt Günzler (Machine Safety Consultant, Axelent GmbH),
Victor Herman (Sales Manager Southwest, Axelent Ltd)




Johannes Rydzek sponsored by Axelent GmbH since 2015. At the World Championships in Falun, Sweden, Rydzek won two gold medals in Nordic Combination. Our sponsorship continues throughout 2016.




To the team event with Axelent GmbH, Rydzek had with him a highly rated present, namely the skis he won the World Cup with in 2015.




One of the pictures from the photo session with Rydzek marketing Axelent’s products.


Axelent introduction course

For some years now Axelent Hillerstorp has held induction courses for new employees. They are also open to subsidiaries and agents.

The course contains a 2-day product training session, a tour of the plant and warehouse, and a visit to customer service.

Get in touch with Cecilia Davidsson for more details. There will be held two courses a year.

Cecilia Davidsson, Head of HR, +46 (0)370-37 37 58


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