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6 km of X-Tray Lights London’s Motorway Bridge

When the only motorway bridge spanning the River Thames was due an upgrade to energy saving LED lighting, Lasnek Ltd provided the perfect solution using Axelent G type trays. The Queen Elizabeth II river crossing is located 28 km East of down town London and links the M25 London orbital motorway. With approximately 185,000 vehicles crossing everyday, the 3 km suspension bridge is a major part of London’s transport infrastructure.



After 25 years of service a planned upgrade to replace the original lighting with Energy efficient LED lighting was undertaken. Major issues had to be overcome, firstly the new cable required new containment, which for safety reasons has to be mounted on outer side of the bridge. Secondly the mounting of the basket could not interfere with the bridge structure. Thirdly, installation had to be done with the minimum of disruption to traffic flows.

The principle contractor approached Lasnek to provide a solution for both the containment and the supports. Lasnek proposed using the Axelent X-Tray 150 x 120 ‘G’ 316 stainless steel manufactured in 3 m lengths. To reduce installation time Lasnek designed a special bracket clamping the basket at 3 m intervals so not to damage any supports.

Supports and brackets over 6 km

As the distance between supports was not always the same, the basket joint ‘moved’ relative to each bracket. Using the X5 bracket and the ability to have free location of joints relative to the bracket meant the loading specifications were always maintained.




Engineering solutions reduce the project costs

Using the Axelent X-Tray with the Lasnek brackets meant a team of only 2 persons were required to fit each of the 2000 brackets, with a further team installing the basket in 6 metre sections. All 6 km of X-Trays was installed over a 4 week period during night time lane closures. With the principle contractor charged for lane closures the installation was completed a head of schedule due to the unique solution provided by Axelent and Lasnek.

Neil Boyd, Sales Director at Lasnek Ltd:

“In comparison to other solutions put forward for this project, the Axelent X-Tray proved to be a practical, timely and efficient solution to a major containment problem, which exceeded all the design specifications. While the innovative Lasnek bracket, fast delivery, coordinated logistics and reduced costs impressed the contractor, the end client was equally as impressed at both the final result and the efficiency of the Axelent / Lasnek partnership”.

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Facts | Lasnek Ltd

Lasnek is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel cable management systems.

Supplying some of the world’s leading brands, Lasnek has gained an enviable reputation for a range of high quality fabrications and the experience to provide cable management solutions for any application.


X-Tray for X-Guard 2.0

During the first quarter of 2017 we will be launching the whole cable routing system X-Tray in SnapperWorks, Axelent’s in-house developed CAD program. The software lets you draw your ideas quickly and easily and renders realistic 3D images of your design.

SnapperWorks has many advantages

We are now launching the whole productsystem X-Tray for X-Guard in our SnapperWorks CAD program. We are also including a product folder with all our X-Guard shipments to enable you to become acquainted with our range. X-Tray is designed to fit X-Guard and makes it both easy and costeffective to install. As no X-Guardcell is complete without X-Tray, we are upgrading our flexible cable routing system.

Daniel Filipsson, Product Manager X-Tray:

”In order to offer our customers the best and most costeffective solutions, we’ve discontinued all the 10-packs and are customising fittings and cable routings to each individual project. We have three standard solutions, but the system is flexible and can be mounted in many other ways.

We’ve also increased the range from two different widths to seven. Our new product manual, combined with the possibility of drawing everything in Snapperworks, will make complementing X-Guard with X-Tray much simpler and less costly. Our next number of X-News will include a case that shows just how user-friendly our new system is.”

A SnapperWorks 3D rendition of X-Guard with X-Tray.

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