Axelent Automation & Safety - Australia

The Australian company, Axelent Automation & Safety, which is wholly owned by Axelent AB, has just celebrated five years on the market. We asked Managing Director Ty Harwood to tell us more.

Which products do you sell?
“We sell X-Tray and X-Guard from the Axelent range. In 2014, Axelent products accounted for 56% of our total sales. This year the figure is up to 65% (November). We also sell a range of complementary products for automation and industrial control, along with cable products. This enables us to offer our customers turnkey solutions.”

How many employees does the company have?
“We are six people at the head office in Adelaide. To assist us we have six distributors based in every state in Australia and one in New Zealand.”

Which industries do you target the most?
“We sell Axelent products to a large number of industries ranging from manufacturing / production (including the use of robot technology), logistics, electrical power, food and processing plants to automated storage. This year we’ve formed a strategy to reach out to a number of new sectors and their customers, e.g. the mining industry and the armed forces.”

What are Axelent’s strong points?
“I think more ‘product’ than ‘company’ when replying to customers: quality product, cost-effective, easy to install and easy to adapt.”

What are the advantages of being part of Axelent Group?
“Having the backing of a leading global manufacturer is a huge selling point. It's widely known in Australia that European safety standards are more stringent than ours, and as we’re dealing in safety, that is an advantage. Axelent’s research, development and focus on innovation creates cutting edge products. This gives us both self-assurance and an advantage on the market. After five years on a volatile and competitive market on which many companies simply don't survive, being backed by a world-leader has strengthened our position as a supplier.”

How do you and your customers feel about Axelent being a Swedish company with its own production plant?
“When everything from R&D to logistics come under one roof it makes inquiries from our side that much easier. Team Black at the head office is always there for us, for which we’re extremely grateful.”

How does the future look?
“Manufacturing in Australian has been getting a lot of negative press coverage of late. But we see a bright future. Australian safety standards are being adapted to the European norms. This benefits our quality and safe products when compared with DIY or cheap non-certified solutions. Our customers demand products that are smarter, something that Axelent never fails to deliver.”




Customised solutions with extra high panels to reach the desired height of 5.25 metres. From the first order to the final installation, the project took 12 months to complete.




800 poles and panels (X-Guard) were used together with a variety of door solutions to deliver a customised solution. A project that took three months from the initial order to completion.




The Sales Team, from left to right: Drew Hoxey, Ty Harwood, Les Wall.

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