Christoffer Persson, #6 back




What made you start playing ice hockey?

“I began in Härryda HC after my parents had taken me to a skating school. In Härryda, most children's activities focused on either ice hockey or figure skating. I began skating when I was four, but tried lots of other things too like swimming, diving, football and ice hockey.

At around 15 it was time to choose a sport. I’d played football in the spring and summer and ice hockey in autumn and winter. I chose ice hockey because I enjoyed it more.”

Was an ice hockey career the natural course to take?

“It’s a privilege to make a living from my hobby, especially at this level. My greatest achievement so far was winning the Swedish championship with Frölunda HC recently, a feat I aim to repeat with HV71.”

What type of player are you?

“I’m a strong defensive back who always gives 100% when both training and playing. I think I’m well thought of by my teammates, but it’s hard to tell. Some may be a trifle annoyed at my training methods, but I believe that ‘as you train is as you play’. That's why I go full out.”


Are you affected by what the media says?

“I turn a blind eye to it all. I know when I’ve put in a good or bad shift. We have video walkthrough after each match to analyse what we did well and what we can improve on, and our back coach also acts as a sounding board for any problems I may have or if I need support or advice.”

Is there room in your life for anything other than ice hockey?

“It’s difficult to find time for other interests than ice hockey, but I enjoy watching TV series. I also like to cook. I have a bit more time in the summer that I like to spend with family and friends. In these moments I try to avoid talking hockey if possible.”

What does your future hold?
By that I mean when you’ve hung up your skates.

“I’ve no direct plans for the future. The SHL union arranges education and jobs for ex-players so I guess things will sort themselves out in some way. I’m not that concerned at the moment.

Regarding family life, it’s almost impossible to take parental leave or be home with a sick child when you're a professional ice hockey player. We hockey players are totally dependent on family backing in those situations.”


5 quickies
with Christoffer Persson

City or countryside?

Activity or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?

Favourite place?
A sunny beach

Hidden talent?
I’m a good cook

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