X-Tray passed the highest fire resistance test, E90

During a fire it is important that certain things maintain their functionality. Things like alarm systems, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, smoke dampers that have to be opened and other things that could save lives during a fire.



It is always a good for wire trays to withstand a fire for as long as possible. The German DIN 4102-12 standard is used for testing this, a standard that is designed to test complete systems of wire trays, accessories and cables.

The test is carried out on a cable routing system, in our case X-Tray wire trays together with a previously approved cable. We chose to collaborate with Dätwyler and Nexans, who are among the leading cable manufacturers in the world.

The DIN standard has three approval classes: E30, E60, and E90. The standards correspond to the number of minutes a cable withstands a fire. X-Tray has managed all levels and is now E90 certified.

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The cables are mounted in the wire trays and connected to the measuring device. The bracket distance is 1.2 metres and the load in the trays is 10 kg/m. To simulate the correct weight, chains are mounted along the side of the wire trays.

In the bottom of the oven are four large oil burners used to create the fire. The fire rages for 90 minutes, at the end of which the temperature reaches almost 1000° Celsius.

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When a cable short-circuits (the breaker trips) it counts as eliminated. Because the cable was previously approved in another type of test it is now the wire tray’s fire resistant properties that decide how long the cable will hold out.

The DIN standard has three approval classes E30, E60, and E90, which correspond to the number of minutes a cable survives a fire. X-Tray has managed all levels and is now E90 certified.




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