It’s all change at Axelent Wire Tray

Axelent Wire Tray AB develops, manufactures and markets a cable management system based on wire trays with fittings, brackets and accessories under the X-Tray® brand. A new strategy has been drawn up to increase the number of market shares with new tools being designed with this in mind. New website (swedish), new company and product presentation and a new video were launched during October 2015.






ELMÄSSAN 2015 | 14/10/15–15/10/15
Kistamässan Expo Centre, Stockholm, Sverige
Stand: A10

Axelent Wire Tray is a new player on the Swedish market and is exhibiting at the Elmässan electrical engineering show for the first time. The entire X-Tray range will be on display with smart cable management solutions.



Mikael Allerslev

Mikael Allerslev, Sales Manager Sweden at Axelent Wire Tray from April 2015:
“I was born and raised in Alvesta but have lived in a seaside town called Tocken (Blekinge County) since 2011. I’m married to Ann-Sofi and we have two children, Niclas and Patric, and two grandchildren, Noah and Melvin. I’ve worked in the electrical industry for almost 30 years, first as an electrician then mostly in sales.”

Did you know anything about Axelent and the Group’s products?
“I knew about Axelent but not Axelent Wire Tray, it was completely unknown to me that they manufactured wire trays. Now that I’ve got to know them better I realise that it’s a modern and innovative company.”

How do you see the challenges in your new role at Axelent Wire Tray?
“The greatest challenge lies in achieving the goal of putting AWT among the largest players on the market, an enormous challenge considering what the market looks like and how it functions today. It’s a kind of David and Goliath situation. We meet well-established companies backed up by large sales organisations that scour the market. One thing that really gets my adrenaline pumping is trying to find new opportunities every day to achieve our goal. I have a passion for business.”


5 quick answers!
with Mikael Allerslev

City or countryside?

Workout or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?

Favourite place?
Blåvand on the Danish west coast

Hidden talent?
Could make nail soup if need be. I love to cook and to make something out of the ordinary from what is at hand.


Contacts at Axelent Wire Tray

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