Louise awarded the 2016 language scholarship

For the past nine years, Axelent and GKC have awarded a scholarship to students who show extraordinary proficiency in German, French or Spanish.




Congratulations Louise Dahlstedt! Tell us a little about the course.

Louise Dahlstedt, GKC scholarship winner:

“First I would like to thank Axelent for giving me the opportunity. It was a dream come true! An unforgettable experience.

The course was held at the Malaca Instituto in Malaga The first day we were tested to give the teachers an idea of our proficiency levels. They then divided us into groups with more or less the same proficiency. We had lessons every day from 8.30 to 12.30, on everything from grammar to Spanish culture. Naturally, it was all in Spanish.” 

The world’s diversities in focus

“The participants were people of all ages (18-60) and from a variety of countries like USA, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Slovakia.



I got to know so many different people. I really enjoyed the discussions and lessons on how our countries compare with each other. These conversations were quite a contrast to the normal lessons where you just do exercises in a book. I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of oral lessons we had. They encouraged us to express ourselves in Spanish the whole time. I especially enjoyed the more difficult and complex topics.”

A memory to cherish

“I love learning about different cultures and traditions so this course was perfect for me. I loved every minute of it and it's a memory to cherish.”

Axelent Language Scholarship in collaboration with the Gnosjöandan Knowledge Centre (upper secondary)

Language teachers at GKC choose a student who has demonstrated extraordinary proficiency in any of the foreign languages German, French and Spanish.

“For her interest in Spanish-speaking countries and cultures, for her all-out effort to express herself orally and in writing, and for her diligence and excellent results.”

The 2016 scholarship, a week’s language course in Malaga, Spain, goes to Louise Dahlstedt.

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