Success spelt with an X

Automatica is the world's leading trade fair for automation technology and has been a success factor for Axelent in general since its inception in year 2004. This year the fair surpassed all expectations and broke all records. By a good measure!

Automatica is the most important and largest trade fair for Axelent GmbH. X-Guard, X-Tray and the new X-It lock were all on display in our 80 m2 open stand. Axelent ProfiServices had their own space in a part of the stand where they could display and discuss machine safety. The new unique Axelent Safety Book was also on display. As this book is not for general distribution, it was kept in a glass display case to attract curious glances.



Trade Fair record!

Markus Etzel, Sales and Marketing, Axelent GmbH:
“We’ve never generated so many high quality new contacts at a fair before. Twenty five per cent were international actors from all corners of the earth. The number of visitors to Automatica rose by 30% compared to 2014, which was noticeable in our stand. We’re very satisfied with this year’s fair.” 

Highlights of the fair

“We sponsor Johannes Rydzek, double world champion in Nordic Combined. Johannes was in our stand on Wednesday along with his winning jumping skis. His participation attracted visitors as well as a TV crew, and it was gratifying to hear that Axelent was his talisman during the 2015 World Championships in Falun, Sweden.”

The Axelent family

“We had well-appreciated visits by the Axelent family from a variety of countries, including Sweden, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. It feels positive to belong to an organisation where we all pull together and learn from each other.

In conclusion: Automatica 2016 was a success for Axelent worldwide and surpassed all expectations and broke all records.”


A much appreciated visit from the Danish robot association DIRA. Johannes Rydzek attracted a lot of publicity in the stand on Wednesday.




Well-educated X-ambassadors

Axelent GmbH puts a great deal of time and money into staff training. In April and June, Axelent GmbH in Stuttgart held two very successful courses.

Harald Steidle, Managing Director, Axelent GmbH:

“I think that education and practical training should be a matter of routine in every company. Our staff hold the key to our success. With their knowledge and expertise we can give our customers direct support, which is of great benefit for our brand. Therefore, I gladly invest in sales, safety and product training. The feedback after courses is always overwhelmingly positive, which makes me feel very proud and happy.”

Photo: Practical training, from left to right: Arno Purtzki, Michael Friedrich, Yvonne Brunner, Jonas Predatsch



Sales training with theory and practice

“In April we were paid a visit by Stefan Axelsson, Marketing and Export Manager HQ, and Andreas Gotmark, Sales Manager, HQ, who trained our sales team in the latest innovations and products. Theory was combined with practical excercises.”

Photo: Andreas Gotmark, Sales Manager Axelent AB, speaks about X-Tray

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