Team Production

Around 400,000 metres of metal tubing passes through our production plant every month. This roughly corresponds to a length of pipe stretching from Hillerstorp to Stockholm. Every month. This is where teamwork is of the essence.

Product development, production and the storage and packaging of Axelent’s mesh partition system all takes place at our parent company, Axelent AB in Hillerstorp. Our production is high grade automated to manage high volumes and speedy deliveries. Every Monday the production staff hold snapshot meetings followed once a month by a larger production meeting, but as production managers and production planners have an active role in production, most issues are dealt with fairly quickly. 




Dejan Elezovic, production manager, Axelent AB

“We’ve built a unique production plant where we use our extensive knowledge and experience of machine guards to develop machinery in-house. Axelent Engineering AB, a company in the Axelent Group, has been at our disposal. The production team is overflowing with expertise and product awareness. I’ve worked at Axelent for 21 years. My colleague, Fredrik Segerberg, 16 years. I would hazard a guess that 60% of the production team has worked at Axelent for at least ten years, so we are not only a close-knit unit, we also know the job inside out.

If the machines are running smoothly then so is the rest of the plant. I play an active part in production myself and am always available should needs arise. When bigger problems arise, the maintenance team lend their support. There’s only one thing missing if you ask me. More women machine operators! It’s difficult to achieve, but I feel that a combination of women and men creates a better workplace atmosphere.”




Fredrik Segerberg, production planning, Axelent AB

“Dejan and I complement each other well. We both have extensive knowledge of Axelent’s production plant as we have both been machine operators.  

Axelent’s machine operators are generally very adaptable and they take responsibility. The machines are fully automated, but errors can naturally occur so it's important for the operator to do a spot check now and then. We don't need to call attention to this because the whole team is highly motivated and pulling in the same direction. Just as a well-functioning team should do.”


5 quickies!

with Dejan Elezovic

City or countryside?

Activity or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?
At home

Favourite place?
As close to the sea as possible

Hidden talent?
If being handy is a talent then I’ve renovated and rebuilt my house.


5 quickies!

with Fredrik Segerberg

City or countryside?

Activity or relaxation?

Eat out or at home?
Eat out

Favourite place?
Florida of course

Hidden talent?
I’m a pretty good bathroom crooner :-)


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