Axelent Benelux

Stefan Grudelbach:

“Carl Becquet, CEO, founded Axelent Belgium in 2003, since when, thanks to a dedicated workforce and an excellent product portfolio, we have become market leader in Belgium within mesh walls. Axelent Belgium, with subsidiary Axelent Netherlands, has been wholly owned by Axelent AB since September 2015, and since November 2015 we have had a strong platform for the entire Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) with a new sales organisation in the Netherlands. Only three months have passed but we are already more than satisfied!

While Axelent Belgium focuses on the existing market, we in the Netherlands are striving to increase our market shares. We are full of confidence and energy to strengthen our brand.

The partnership between Belgium and the Netherlands is working really well. 

Since Axelent AB came in as sole owner we’ve changed a few procedures. For us in the Netherlands it means starting from scratch. Axelent AB has supported us all the way. For example, it took only four days to get our new business system installed and up and running, so a big thank you to Andreas Hansen and Martina Ståhl from IT and Team Black!”

From left to right: Jeroen Verhoeks, Stefan Grudelbach.

Photo: Atonium, Mike Cattell



Dutch sales company Axelent Netherlands B.V. in focus.

We asked Stefan Grudelbach to tell us more.

Which products do you sell?

“We focus on machine safety and we are just about to expand our distribution centre where Dutch end users are our target audience.”

How many employees does the company have?

“In partnership with Axelent Belgium, of which we are a subsidiary, we form Axelent Benelux. We have a total workforce of 14, two from us and 12 from Axelent Belgium.”

Which industries do you target the most?

“We sell Axelent’s machine guards to a number of industries, such as the engineering, packaging and robot industry, distribution and logistics (both manual and automated) and turnkey safety projects.



What are Axelent’s strong points?

“Axelent’s user-friendly, but incredibly smart, products give the company a strong market position. All the benefits and possibilities offered by our product enables us to offer a strong and broad range.

When customers look at our products for the first time they are generally very impressed by the functionality of, above all, X-Guard, its mountings and how the product has been designed and developed. It’s not until we tell them about the possibilities that they first understand that it’s a complete system.”

What are the advantages of being part of the Axelent Group?

“I experience the benefits of being a part of the Axelent Benelux Group because I recently crossed over to the new sales company in the Netherlands. Having access to customer support, IT services and business systems feels very assuring. I feel like I’m part of the global Axelent family, an assurance and strength that helps me in my contact with our customers.”

How do you and your customers feel about Axelent being a Swedish company with its own production plant?

“Axelent has not only shown the world that Swedish companies are very stable with regard to production and development, but having production in Sweden as well gives us a strong image and cuts costs. The Swedish production facilitates make rapid deliveries possible to countries throughout Europe.”

How does the future look?

“I see the future of Axelent as being generally positive. I think Axelent will continue to be a strong brand and eventually one of the leading global companies! The team spirit that we share with all Axelent’s representatives around the world creates a very positive atmosphere.”

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