The world’s best distribution centre

These are the self-assured words of Anders Eriksson, Logistics Manager at the Varner Group, the man behind the new distribution centre in Vänersborg. The order arrived on Axelent’s desk by way of our partner, Swisslog.

The building offers a total of 53,000 square metres, 9,000 of which is made up of a 30-metre high bay storage with the remainder made up by a 15-meter low bay storage. The facility will be almost fully automated and will enable the company to centralize its storage management, which is presently spread all over the Nordics.

undefinedSebastian Jiteg, Project Manager at Axelent AB:
“The Varner Group’s logistics building with planned start in April 2016, is one of the largest X-Guard projects we’ve ever had in Sweden. In round figures, we supplied 1,000 metres of mesh partition and 60 doors. Assembly took around seven weeks, with a holiday break in July.”

X-Guard keeps track of safety
In the building, automated stacker cranes, conveyors for pallet and light goods and a logistics solution for hanging garments work side by side with people. With the help of Swisslog, Axelent supplied a comprehensive machine guard solution to improve machine safety.


Peter Bülow, Project Designer at Skisslog:
“My colleague Bo Nilsson was Project Coordinator during the construction of the Varner Group's facility and I was Project Designer. We’ve worked together with Axelent on several projects in the past and for me it offers a very smooth process as I’m able to use their 3D software to come up with a design for which Sebastian Jiteg will later offer a quote. Thereafter follows a fine-tuning of the proposal to provide a scheme more in line with the project. A number of adjustments are necessary during any project because of the onsite physical obstacles that weren’t noticeable at the beginning.”




X-Guard® around an automatic pallet stacker.

Varner2.jpg (1)



X-Guard® around robot cells.

Varner3.jpg (1))



X-Guard® together with robot cells and an automatic pallet stacker in the background.


Axelent Software develops and markets user licences to their in-house software SnapperWorks, SafetyWorks and X-Tray Calculation Tool. The programmes are based on distributed platforms and standards that ensure a long life, continuous development and easy connectivity to other systems. Axelent Software products are built around simplicity and user-friendliness. Initially developed for Axelent’s products, they are now customised for use in a variety of sectors that use standardised products.


The Varner Group

Varner Gruppen AS is one of Northern Europe’s largest fashion groups with a workforce of 9,900 and 1,400 stores in eight countries. Annual sales total around €1,300 million.

The Group is made up of the following 12 chains: Dressmann, DressmannXL, Cubus, Bik Bok, Carlings, Urban, Volt, Vivifies, WOW, Wearhouse, SOLO, and Varner Brand Stores.



Swisslog designs, develops and supplies automation solutions to hospitals and storage and distribution centers. The company, with its head office in Switzerland, has a global workforce of around 2,500 and helps customers in more than 50 countries.

Swisslog is a part of the KUKA Group, a leading global supplier of smart automation solutions.



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