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X-Tray makes light work

We humans researched into electricity as far back as 2,000 years ago. The first practical use of electricity came in 1837 when Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell launched the telephone and two years later Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. Electrical inroads have come thick and fast since then, making us more or less dependent on electrical power.

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undefinedPontus Thelander, Electrical Engineer, Lindsténs El AB

“For us it's paramount to work with products that are flexible enough to facilitate technical solutions. Axelent Wire Tray is a supplier of products that do just that. We’ve used their X-Tray cable routing system previously so are well aware of its ease of use, and it meets our demands on delivery reliability. It’s also available in a stainless steel design, which suits this assignment in the food processing industry.”

800 ceiling lights with cables

“X-Tray stainless keeps the cables neat and tidy from the power supply right up to the 800 ceiling lights we installed. It all looks really good and we’re particularly impressed with the new X5 joining fitting.”





The picture shows our new X5 joining fitting

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Contacts at Axelent Wire Tray

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Andreas Gotmark
+46 (0)370-37 32 55
Mikael Allerslev
Sales, Sverige
+46 (0)370-37 32 70
Daniel Filipsson
Sales Controller
+46 (0)370-37 32 58
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Magnus Svensson
+46 (0)370-37 32 77
Dan Sjöqvist
Technical Manager/
Product Development
+46 (0)370-37 32 50

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