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Funabashi City is located about 25 minutes from Tokyo and is a city with historical origins dating back from the 700-century AD. In addition to the earthquake secured warehouse for Axelent, Funabashi City offers two racecourses. The city is also a sister city of Odense in Denmark and therefore you can find H. C. Andersen Park - Japan's third most visited theme park.

To ensure prompt delivery of its products, Axelent has built a warehouse in Funabashi City. The fixtures and fittings are Swedish and come from EAB. All the shelves and pallet spaces are designed to withstand earthquakes. Axelent is located on the fourth floor of the six storey warehouse building. Mount Fuji is visible from the window.





Population: 610 000

The second largest city in Chiba Prefecture* and a part of Tokyo’s metropolis.

With over 35 million inhabitants, Greater Tokyo is the world's most populated metropolis. 

Interesting facts: The only city in Japan with two racecourses. 

* Prefecture can be compared with a district






Axelent's sales seminar a great success

Our sales team attended a 2-day sales seminar at Captain Industries, Axelent’s agent for the Japanese market. It was carried out in our office and warehouse premises in Funabashi City and 30 sellers attended. The seminar gave a useful insight into products and sales and included a popular session where the participants became acquainted with the products. 

Andreas Gotmark, MD at, Axelent Wire Tray AB: 

“We have received very positive feedback from the seminar. Here at Wire Tray we’ve even seen increased sales of some of the products on show during the course.” 

Stefan Axelsson, Export Manager, Axelent AB: 

“Japan is an exciting market for us. The main reason for setting up in Funabashi City is of course to serve the Japanese market. In the long term our Japanese position will give us the opportunity to serve other countries like Korea, or perhaps China and Taiwan.” 



Hayashi Watanabe, MD, Captain Industries: 

“We are very satisfied with the seminar, the professional implementation as well as the practical parts. Since we opened our borders to the rest of the world in 1868, Sweden and Swedish products have always been highly regarded from a purely historical perspective. Allow me to explain.

SKF is one example of a highly ranked Swedish company here in Japan. We’re also very thankful to the Swedish navy and their industries who have helped us develop a world class industry of our own. But most of all we are thankful to the Swedish steel that has helped us develop our manufacturing industry to its present level. Personally, I feel that we Japanese owe the Swedish people a big thank you for all the generosity they have shown over the years.” 


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