Sheet metal panel


The X-Store 2.0 series also includes sheet metal panels. Some environments require more comprehensive protection, which our sheet metal covered walls can provide.

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  • Height 1100 mm

    4 Articles
    CAD Article Height (mm) Width (mm) Color  
    419-110025 1100 250 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
    419-110040 1100 400 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
    419-110070 1100 700 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
    419-110100 1100 1000 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
  • Height 2200 mm

    4 Articles
    CAD Article Height (mm) Width (mm) Color  
    419-220025 2200 250 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
    419-220040 2200 400 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
    419-220070 2200 700 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
    419-220100 2200 1000 Papyrus White (RAL 9018)


X-Store 2.0


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