JU Solar Team

Crossing a continent with solar energy

Since 2019, Axelent Group is a proud sponsor of the JU Solar Team, a group of students from Jönköping University who build cars powered entirely by solar energy and compete in the world's largest race for solar-powered cars, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The JU Solar Team has participated in this competition since 2013 and holds the position as the leading solar team in Northern Europe. The competition is held in Australia and involves around 50 teams from all over the world traveling from Darwin to Adelaide, a distance of over 300 miles, and crossing the finish line first.

"It is an exciting and challenging project, we get the chance to push the boundaries of innovation and contribute to a more sustainable future."



- Rikard månsson, Team manager for JU Solar Team 2023

Reduced environmental and climate impact

Students work towards a more sustainable future

JU Solar Team 2023

JU Solar Team 2023

The 2023 team consists of 21 students from two different faculties at Jönköping University, the School of Engineering and the School of Education and Communication. Since the beginning of 2022, they have been working to design, plan and develop the car that they will compete with in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge


The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge first took place in 1987 and has since been held every two years in Australia. The competition sees teams from around the world, mainly from universities, design and build cars powered entirely by solar energy and then compete against each other to see who can travel over 300 miles and cross the finish line first.



The car that will compete this year is called Axelight and is innovative in many ways. For example, the body is made entirely of organic material, flax fiber. This material is not only health and environmentally friendly but also provides an advantage in the competition as it is lighter than carbon fiber and more flexible, which means that it resists any shocks better. Moreover, it is entirely designed, planned and built by the students of the JU Solar Team.

Since 2019, the JU Solar Team has defended a tenth place in the world

JU Solar Team

Find out more about the JU Solar Team and their journey.

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