Axelent’s most important contribution to the communities in which it operates is to conduct the core business as efficiently as possible. But in a workplace that is permeated by a social, ethical and environmental sustainability mindset, there is of course a lot of room for local involvement in charity and sponsorship. Here we have gathered some of all the sponsorship we are doing at Axelent globally. 

"The goal of all sponsorship is that Axelent should make a difference for the sponsored individual or team, who will have greater opportunities to practice their sport."


A selection of our sports sponsorships

Axelent is very dedicated to be a part of our local community both in Sweden as well as globally, where we are present. We are proud to be able to be a part of the local sports associations as well as supporting promising athletes on their journey. Sports has always been close to our heart at Axelent and always will be. Get to know some of the sports sponsorships that we have done or still are a part of. 



HV71 is a Swedish hockeyclub based in Jönköping/Huskvarna in the highest hockey league in Sweden (SHL). Axelent has been a proud sponsor for HV71 for a long time and values the partnership that has grown together with this fantastic team throughout the years. 

Ferry Svan

Ferry Svan

Axelent is sponsoring the timbersport athlete Ferry Svan, who has many successful competitions where axe and chainsaws are tools that are used. His name may seem familiar to some of you. He is the son of Swedish skiing legend Gunde Svan. 

Kenny Hong Moa Carlsson

Moa Carlsson and Kenny Hong

Kenny Hong and Moa Carlsson are both born in Hillerstorp and are both professional thai boxers. Thai Boxing" or "Muaythai", as the Thai people call it, is a traditional art of Thai self-defense. It differs from many other fighting styles where elbows, knees, kicks and punches are used. Thus, it is more like a real fight, and is therefore considered superior to all martial arts in self-defense.

Eddie Ramirez Eriksson

Axelent sponsors the young racing talent Eddie Ramirez Eriksson, who at the age of 15 has won most things that can be won.

- I started with go-carts when I was seven years old. Dad promised me that if I won he would buy me a go-cart that day, and it happened. Since then it has only continued. At the age of eleven, I started driving a real car. Then it was a bit challenging to reach down to the pedals, there were a lot of pillows behind the back and so on, laughs Eddie.

When Eddie was 15 years old he competed in the Madrid championship SMC Renault Clio Cup where he became champion in 2022 already when there still was a competition left 

Eddie drives a Renault Cleo model 3 for KAK (Kunglia Automobila Klubben), and has done so for two years. 

Sponsoring of two rally talents in STCC

Axelent has sponsored the two young drivers Calle Bergman and Isac Aronsson in the new Exion Racing team. At the beginning of June in 2022, they made their STCC TCR Scandinavia debut at Ljungbyhed's speedway. One of the drivers Calle Bergman from Värnamo, who at 16 was classified as the youngest STCC driver ever!

Lejonen Speedway

Lejonen is a Swedish speedway team belonging to Gislaveds Motorklubb, founded on December 13, 1929. Lejonen's first speedway team was started in 1963 and participated in Division 3, which they won in 1965.

In 2007 they qualified for participation in the Elitserien 2008 which is the highest speedway league in Sweden. As a newcomer, they became Swedish champions in 2008 after winning the final against Vetlanda, a title they retained in 2009 by beating Vargarna in the final.

A selection of sponsorship activities that we have participated in


Women's beach handball team - Spain

Someron Surf Club Australia

Figure Skating competition - Spain

JU Solar Team

Team Rynkeby Foundation

Gislaved Symphony Orchestra


A selection of our charity sponsorship

Having a wider perspective and the will to see beyond our own business is another cornerstone that has been with us since the early 1990s. Now as then, an important part of Axelent’s CSR work is to be a committed and positive force in the communities in which the business units operate. In doing so, they feel a social responsibility for people who are worse off and, for various reasons, not as fortunate. Charity work can take the form of various charitable projects or sponsorship of the arts, sports and education. A commitment that has been around for a long time is the support for the DGSS orphanage in Egypt, a place where children with needs get a chance to escape poverty and a life on the street.



There are currently 44 children living in the orphanage. The children come from all over Egypt, several from the part of Egypt that borders Sudan. At the orphanage, the children live in small apartments. Currently there are seven apartments with about six children in each. In each apartment there is a "mother" or "father". These "mothers" and "fathers" have a very important function as they must try to shoulder the role of being a parent. The need for more places is great. The orphanage has the opportunity to complete another apartment, which will happen shortly.

Tappra Barn AB

Tappra Barn AB

Axelent is sponsoring the foundation "Tappra Barn". The fundraising foundation Tappra Barn aims to collect and donate as much as possible, at least 80% of its annual surplus, to brave children in need. 

The Brave Children's Business Network is a great way to support children who are having a tough time locally and at the same time gain access to a fantastic network. We are proud partners of Tappra Barn (Brave children)!

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