How is the life of an athlete affected during the pandemic? Listen to Ferry Svan, Lina Boqvist, Anna Seidel and Johannes Rydzek - some of all the sports profiles that Axelent supports.


Axelent sponsors a number of different sports profiles around the world. Our commitment extends from Sweden in the north to Australia in the south. Through our support of promising and ambitious athletes and sports teams, Axelent wants to make a difference - both for the athletes themselves and society as a whole.

The important thing for us when choosing a sponsor partner is that the profile or team should interact with Axelent's values ​​and what we work for every day. Everyone's equal value, rights and opportunities - regardless of gender, descent or religion. It is diversity that has created the conditions for Axelent's growth, and we also want to create the conditions for this in the future.

At Axelent, we do not see sponsorship as an isolated phenomenon. We think strategically and choose collaborations with teams, individuals, sports that we know can strengthen our own brand's message. For us, sponsorship is so much more than a number of free tickets. It is an important part of our profiling, both internally and externally. Our sponsorship investments have always been long-term, says Stefan Axelsson, co-owner of Axelent.

Join in and hear how some of the international sports profiles that Axelent sponsors, explain how the pandemic has affected their everyday lives in sports life and careers!

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