The best security measures are those you don’t even notice 

Teo Erlandsson – the warehouse employee who dared to follow a completely new path

Teo has tried out many different types of services and training. He has worked as a bartender, for example. He has also studied for a while in Uppsala, but opted to drop out as the pandemic was adversely affecting his studies and making them more difficult. Most recently, he has been working on the Tree Top Adventure activity and at reception at Isaberg Mountain Resort. However, he felt that he had not really found what he wanted to be doing and was keen to try something completely different. That’s why he took the chance and applied to Axelent, after receiving a tip-off from friends that it would be a good place to work.  

Teo started working at Axelent in September 2021 in a newly established position in the warehouse, where he will be working in the new automated section of the warehouse. 

When the preparatory work on the construction of the automated warehouse is completed, he will be responsible for a completely new machine.

“I view Axelent as being an extremely clean and fresh workplace, an excellent working environment in many ways. I feel that my voice is heard when I make suggestions and comments, and I believe this is particularly important when these suggestions relate to safety. Even though I am still new, I find that the collaboration between different stations as well as with other departments works really well.” 

“The best safety solutions are the ones you don’t think about, and this is no doubt part of the thinking behind Axelent’s products as well – that they should exist and be beneficial, but hardly be noticed at all.”


The best safety measures are the ones you don’t even notice  

Teo’s working day begins with him travelling the 25 km to work from his home in Hestra. A working day that often ends with a floorball session in the evening.  Even before Teo enters the warehouse at Axelent, he performs his first safety measure – changing into shoes with steel toecaps. Teo subsequently encounters many different safety measures during the course of his working day, in particular being surrounded in his working environment by the products that Axelent itself produces.   

“Within our day-to-day work, we come face to face with a lot of what we manufacture, particularly our machine protection. The fact that also get to see our products in action means that we get a completely different understanding of what we are selling, as it is given a context.” 

For Teo, safety is fundamentally about getting everything to work both properly and efficiently, at the same time as being safe. “In Sweden, we are really good when it comes to safety solutions for every conceivable situation in our day-to-day lives,” he explains.   

“The best safety solutions are the ones you don’t think about, and this is no doubt part of the thinking behind Axelent’s products as well – that they should exist and be beneficial, but hardly be noticed at all. Even though we may not think about all these safety solutions, there has often been a lot of thought behind them, which is precisely why they blend in so well in our everyday lives.”  

Feeling safe and secure in general, and not just in our physical working environment, is very much about having a network of people we can always fall back on, in Teo’s opinion.   

“I would say that I feel safe at heart, which is probably largely to do with my family. I have three cracking siblings who contribute to this.”   



Being an ambassador is about being able to feel a sense of pride  

Teo considers it is important to be able to stand by or ‘feel’ for the products sold by the company where you work.   

“Even though I don’t meet clients on a daily basis, you’re always an ambassador for the company where you work. As a result, you want to feel proud of your workplace, as well as to enjoy what you do. Of course, I believe it is important for the products to live up to their intended purpose, and as I’m working in a warehouse environment, I also want to feel safe and secure at work.”   

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